Learning Before Lunch

2021 programs will be virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. Please scroll down for the schedule.


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A speaker series offering thought-provoking programs and a chance to meet new friends

Are you an active adult interested in lifelong learning... a retiree eager to expand your social network... a student of life looking to expand your horizons?

Learning Before Lunch is a monthly series of talks designed to spark meaningful conversations about the local community of New Orleans. Come together with friends and neighbors to hear entertaining and well-informed speakers discuss their passions: captivating explorations of the people and places that make New Orleans one of the world's most interesting cities.

Learning Before Lunch enters the new decade with a wide range of speakers and topics of interest to the general community. The monthly speakers we are lining up for 2021 include authors, musicians, scientists, artists, economists, and a host of other talented individuals with fascinating stories to tell.

Join us on the second Thursday of each month via Zoom for an entertaining hour with our featured speaker. 

Speakers begin at 10:00 Central Time; end at 11:00


October 14th 

The Battle of Baton Rouge: 1779

Robert Freeland

VP, Friends of the Cabildo

Although not one of the original 13 Colonies, Spanish Louisiana was instrumental in ensuring the success of the American Revolution. Regular troops and militias of Spanish Louisiana defeated the British in key battles in the Mississippi River Valley and the Gulf of Mexico.

Robert Freeland from Friends of the Cabildo will review the role of Governor Galvez and Spanish Louisiana based on the 2018 "Recovered Memories" exhibit at The Cabildo.
November 11th 

The Origins of World War I

Captain Rick Jacobs

 USNR (retired)

November 11 marks the anniversary of the end of WWI, the scene of perhaps the most terrible battles in history.

Captain Rick Jacobs will discuss the origins of the war and its first campaign from the invasion of Belgium through the German defeat at the Battle of the Marne, followed by the gruesome stalemate of the trenches and the slaughter of millions of soldiers.

A distinguished graduate of the Naval War College, Captain Jacobs served afloat and ashore in the U.S. Navy for 26 years on active duty and in the U.S. Naval Reserve.
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Zoom session opens  at 9:45 Central
Lecture ends at 11:00
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December 9th 

Julius Rosenwald: 5,000 Schools That Changed America

Susan Hess

Lifelong Volunteer and Advocate

In 1912, a partnership between a white businessman and a Black educator launched an ambitious program to build public schools for African American children across the segregated South. By 1928, one-third of the South’s rural black school children were served by Rosenwald Schools.

Join us as Susan Hess recounts the historic collaboration that created the Rosenwald Schools. Ms. Hess has firsthand knowledge of Julius Rosenwald via her husband, a direct descendent of Mr. Rosenwald.

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