Learning Before Lunch


On August 11, Join Chris Franklin as he looks back at Hurricane Ida and forward to the rest of the 2022 Season.

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In-Person at the UNO Alumni Center

A speaker series offering thought-provoking programs and a chance to meet new friends

Are you an active adult interested in lifelong learning... a retiree eager to expand your social network... a student of life looking to expand your horizons?

Learning Before Lunch is a monthly series of talks designed to spark meaningful conversations about the local community of New Orleans. Come together with friends and neighbors to hear entertaining and well-informed speakers discuss their passions: captivating explorations of the people and places that make New Orleans one of the world's most interesting cities.

Learning Before Lunch enters the new decade with a wide range of speakers and topics of interest to the general community. The monthly speakers we are lining up for 2022 include authors, musicians, scientists, artists, economists, and a host of other talented individuals with fascinating stories to tell.

Join us on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are presented Live and via Zoom for an entertaining hour with our featured speaker. 

Speakers begin at 10:00 Central Time; end at 11:00


June 9th 

Making Sense of the NOLA Art Scene

Doug MacCash

Arts and Entertainment Writer at The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate

Counting Carnival, New Orleans may have the liveliest, and certainly the most public, art scene in the country. Trying to understand it is a full-time job.Join Doug MacCash for a spirited discussion as he draws upon his 20+ years of experience covering the arts in New Orleans.
July 14th 

History of the New Orleans Fire Department

Nikki Caruso

Research Historian

Learn the history of NOLA's Fire Department from Nikki Caruso, the daughter of a retired Fire Captain.
Ms. Caruso got her Master’s degree in historic research and continues it for fun.  She uncovered the Fire Department's history while investigating her family’s German-American ancestry.
August 11th 

Living with the Cone of Uncertainty

Chris Franklin

Chief Meteorologist,

As the height of the season approaches, take a look back at Hurricane Ida and  forward to the rest of the 2022 season.

Born and raised in Metairie, Mr. Franklin graduated from Brother Martin High School and earned a bachelor of science degree in meteorology from the University of South Alabama, receiving the Senior Meteorology Award for academics and involvement in the  program. 
Thursday of
each month

UNO Alumni and Visitors Center

Doors open at 9:30 
Lecture ends at 11:00


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